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That’s the way corporate America works. Well, that’s not the way corporate America works. That is also the only way out of the deficit crunch. When demand rises and jobs are created, tax revenues will rise (assuming the new jobs aren’t minimum wage jobs) and the deficit will be lowered. This is better than the annualized rate of growth from the first quarter, which was only 0.4%, but it’s not nearly enough to stimulate job creation or help pay down the budget deficit. What the government should be doing is putting more money into social programs to help those who are hurting, and tax the rich more to pay for it. The only people doing well in this economy are the rich and giving them more money won’t stimulate demand since they already have enough money to buy whatever they want. A handyman is the kind of person you want to have around when you need something fixed in your home.

Because there are 14-17 million people unemployed, another 8-9 million underemployed (working part-time because they can’t find full-time work), millions more working for minimum wage or less, and stagnant wage-growth for those lucky enough to have a job. Millions remain unemployed, the median income is falling, and the middle class is shrinking while poverty rolls continue to grow. While the Republican “trickle down” theory may sound good in the abstract, it doesn’t take into account one important factor — GREED. But that would have made sense, and common sense isn’t nearly as important to a corporate executive as plain old-fashioned greed. While the rich and the corporations have fully recovered from the Bush recession, it’s abundantly clear that most Americans haven’t. But giving rich people and corporations more money is not one of them. Their trickle-down, or supply-side economics, says if we give rich people more money they will use that money to make more goods (and hire more workers to do that). It will be strictly up to you to work as hard as you need to get the job done.

They still have sections about the job market with job ads you might not find online. If any of these fields match your desired vocation, this search engine might the best one for you. On the Career Resources tab, there are local resources from which you might benefit. There are ways to create new jobs in America, and President Obama listed some of those in his jobs bill. There was a little more bad news regarding the economy released this last week. Now this is just one anecdotal bit of evidence about one company, but it does highlight a very big flaw in the Republican argument (which says companies will hire more workers when they have more money). They may not take deadlines very seriously and often will not be good at time management and forward planning, frequently leaving everything until the last minute. Instruction times may vary possibly including evening hours. JOB DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIESThe position reports to the Dean Trades and Technology and will teach 15 credit hours per semester of primarily math and physics courses required of automotive students. The instructor will maintain a minimum of five office hours per week.

The Congressional Budget Office has predicted a GDP of 2.4% for 2011 (with 2.6% for 2012 and an average of 3.6% for the following three years). Why cut executive bonuses when you can just send another 1,000 workers to the unemployment office? It can also help to create neurotransmitters. They are not in business to help their community or their country, but only to maximize profits. So instead of dipping into the executive bonus fund they have come up with another way to increase profits. After all, should the executive bonuses be more than double the company profits? Two or more years of Teaching experience at the public school and post-secondary level is required. 2 years of experience at nationally known public interest organization was worth squat 15 years ago, when I tried to relocate. Experience with computer assisted instruction is also desired. They are going to fire at least 1,000 workers (and make other “noncompensation” cuts like buying smaller drinking cups and getting rid of potted plants). Where is the demand going to come from for this growth — the free-enterprise fairy? In fact, the chart above is a little misleading because it shows the annualized rate of growth for each quarter rather than the actual growth in the quarter.

The biggest reason the GDP is so sluggish right now is because demand is very low — consumers are simply not buying in large enough quantities to produce growth. Why is demand so low? It’s certainly not going to be a result of government actions, because the recent actions of the federal government are to contract the economy (and therefore demand) rather than expand it. Most of people start simply wanted to make a little extra cash from home instead of going through the complications start their own business. The College seeks to provide equal access to its programs, services, and activities for people with disabilities. For the first time, a majority of those receiving food stamps are people between the age of 18 and 59 — commonly called working age adults. That last is now verified by a new statistic from the Department of Agriculture — that currently 20% of the households in the United States now receive assistance from the SNAP program (commonly called food stamps). Cutting government spending didn’t work for Hoover, and it won’t work now.