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Working In Missouri

Twapperkeeper is stopping its download and export function from the 20th March I thought I’d look again at some of the ways of storing tweets in the longer term. SearchHash has been around since October 2010 but I discovered it on 19 May 2011 – it’s extremely good and lets you capture and export significant numbers of hashtagged tweets. Forewarn the speakers and find out if any are happy to be interviewed, and mention that other people may be tweeting or does this run the risk that the speakers will make changes (ie remove bits) to their presentation. If people are speaking more colloquially at a conference (and this is understood by those in the room but not necessarily by those outside) then there’s a risk that it will get mistranslated. Which experts are they working side by side? I need to log in using my account, which means that I’m working in a different tab with a different URL across the top and will have to drill into the different volumes to find it.

Pasting that URL in doesn’t work (tried it) as the fact that I’m logged in doesn’t seem to transfer to that page even when opened within the tab that I’d been previously logged into. To see older tweets you need to scroll below the bar chart window and click on the ‘View transcript’ tab and choose the relevant date (US style). One way to challenge yourself, especially if you have many repetitive routine tasks to do every day, is to see if you can get a particular task done quicker than the last time. That’s something to celebrate at any time of year! A 48 year old man improved his diabetes management in the short term, and stopped taking other medication, after using herbal ‘balls’ purchased in India. If the Ingelfinger rule was extended so that any mention of data precluded its publication then this might well be a case of the communications movement taking a step backwards, limiting the sharing of information. A friend on Twitter wondered if anyone could get a particular article for them, and it seems I might.

I also thought about other ways in which preliminary work might be publicised. Such meetings often involve presentations of preliminary data and the publicity given to these meetings means that journalists may well be present in the audience. If something preliminary has been mentioned in the papers it may take some time before a formal publication is available so this means that the status of the information is ‘lower’ than something which has been through the process. It takes days of time and enough waiting to get loans approved. We do also want to tell people a little about the process of research, for example that it takes a long time and that each project generally looks at one small aspect of research. If something has been presented as a poster at a conference this shouldn’t prevent it from being published in a journal and this is the approach that SfAM takes.

You may just find that there is a lot to be said for being a bigger fish in a smaller pond rather that a little fish in a big pond. Since it is your first attempt at searching for pertaining work, consider doing a bit of intricate research on the World Wide Web pertaining to interview tips, placement paper, resume help and a lot more. As a touch typist I can handle typing in pretty much anything, but you do have to attend a great deal more to something that complex, compared to a string of words. You can archive a hashtagged event but you can’t use the exporting facility to do much with them. TweetNotes – tool for archiving hashtagged tweets at events and conferences etc (24 April 2010) – sadly, Tweetnotes, which looked really interesting, didn’t come to anything. What The Hashtag or WTHashtag is a free tool (registration required) that lets you create an archive based on a hashtagged keyword. Steph’s post introducing it is here and the tool is here – try it out with a hashtag.